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2023 PMINEO Survey Results | Insight to Who We are as a Chapter and our Future Goals Part II


Continuing with the second part of a two-part article regarding 2023 survey results, the following recaps Membership, Meeting and Communications feedback.

Survey feedback tells us that networking is a significant part of PMINEO’s growth strategy, with about half of those responding indicating they heard about the chapter word of mouth. Membership is relatively long term, with most responses indicating membership of either six to 10 years, or more than 15 years. Most members are either “Very” or “Somewhat” satisfied with their relationship and are likely to renew. Of those planning to not renew, most plan to retire.

As the PMI Northeast Ohio Chapter marketing committee works to improve our members' experiences, we are striving to continue to find value in programs, topics and delivery methods.
Hybrid meetings are here to stay. For in-person meetings, a central Cleveland location is preferred during a weekday evening. Leadership, strategy, agile, change management and PMO are preferred topics.

Most members read the newsletter weekly or every two weeks, with almost unanimous feedback indicating a satisfaction with chapter communications frequency. Emails, followed by the newsletter, are preferred channels. Social media preferences rank as follows: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram. While 52% follow the Chapter follows social media, a little less than half, 48%, do not share messaging.

The marketing team welcomes your comments and suggestions. If you would like to write an article or blog or assist with social media, please reach out to Elizabeth Wagner, VP Marketing, at marketing@pmineo.org.


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