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President's Message - February 2023

President's Messages

Winter in Notheast Ohio... (heavy sigh). I enjoy the variety that we have with distinct seasons. Although I must admit that I like winter the least - especially as I get older! (The novelty of shoveling snow for exercise is wearing off quickly.)

In the last newsletter, I highlighted the key areas of focus for 2023. Since that was last year...

  • Realign our Brand with PMI. (Have you heard the term 'ChangeMakers' yet? If not, you will soon!)
    • Revise our Vision & Mission to the Brand
    • Promote the updated Brand
  • Focus on building strong Community within PMINEO
    • Engage young professionals
    • Add more dynamic programming ('Ways of Working' Wednesday, Saturday Breakfast mtgs, etc.)
    • Add 'regional' events or watch parties within NE Ohio
    • Increased emphasis on 'Social Good' (promote a charity at each monthly mtg, more give back opportunities, etc.)

Even though we are only a month into the year, we have already made progress. Thanks to Jai Jacob, we have an updated Vision and Mission. (Attend our Annual Chapter mtg on Feb 15 to learn more!) This is the first step in our Brand Initiative. If you have experience in Marketing - or want to learn more about it - we could use your help to craft and execute a plan to promote PMINEO! Please look at opportunities in VRMS or email me directly.

We will quickly adjust focus to the Community Initiative. This one is broader and will take multiple teams to make it a reality. This is YOUR opportunity to get more involved with the Chapter, make a difference in our growing community, AND earn a few PDUs along the way. To learn more, visit the volunteers page of our website: https://pmineo.org/volunteers OR get in touch with one of our existing volunteers.

If you are connected to the Chapter in any way, please consider attending our Annual Meeting on Wed, Feb 15. It will be held virtually, so you do not even need to go out into the snow to attend! We will hear a recap from our Program Managers on 2022, along with a short overview of our Chapter Financials, before we learn more about PMI's updated strategy and reveal of our Chapter's new Vision and Mission! Hope you can join us... register here: https://pmineo.org/calendar?eventId=14455

We are always looking for suggestions and new ideas... feel free to reach out to me directly.

Todd R Jones

President, PMINEO

PS - Please engage with us on LinkedIn and other social media channels!
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