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1/23/18 Dr. Kerzner Project Management Seminar and 2017 Kerzner Awards Dinner

1/23/18 Dr. Kerzner Project Management Seminar and 2017 Kerzner Awards Dinner

Named in honor of project management pioneer, Dr. Harold Kerzner, the Kerzner Awards are the most prestigious honors bestowed by the Northeast Ohio Chapter of Project Management Institute.

"PM 2.0 and PM 3.0: The Future of Project Management"
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Seminar with Dr. Harold Kerzner
Please join PMINEO and Dr. Kerzner for a discussion on the future of Project Management and a case study on Risk Management.

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Earn 3 PDUs - Leadership

Happy Hour
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm 

Join other Project Managers to socialize, network and further discussion of the seminar information.

"Risk Management in New Aircraft Develop: A Project Management Perspective Using the Boeing 787 and Airbus A380"
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Kerzner’s Award Dinner

Join PMINEO and Dr. Kerzner for dinner and announcements of the 2017 Project of the Year (POY) and 2017 Project Management Excellence (PME) awards.

Many of the airlines have an aging fleet of planes. Boeing and Airbus are competing for not only the future aircraft for lucrative international routes, but also for planes designed for the domestic routes. The fiercest competition is for aircraft that focus on the long routes such as across oceans and continents.

To lower the cost of new airplane design, manufacturers often take risks that end up violating several of the core principles of project management. The initial design cost of the Boeing 787 was expected to be $6 billion but ended up at $32 billion. The Airbus A380 design cost was expected to be $15 billion and ended up costing $25 billion.

In this presentation, we will look at some project management problemsthat drove up the design cost of the planes and many of the risk management issues are common to most projects. We will also look at some of the amenities in the planes and their impact on the final cost.

Earn 1.5 PDUs - Leadership

Hilton DoubleTree
6200 Quarry Lane
Independence, Ohio 44131

Dinner Selection:
-Coq au Vin (Red Wine Braised Breast of Chicken)
-Filet Mignon (Pan Seared and Topped with Roasted Garlic Compound Butter)
-Seared Salmon (with Citrus Soy Beurre Blankc, Wilted Spinach)
-Orzo Pasta (with Roasted Seasonal Vegetables in red sauce)

Happy Hour is included with one or more of the paid events.

$40 afternoon session + happy hour
$40 evening dinner + happy hour
Combined rate: $60

$35 afternoon session + happy hour
$35 evening dinner + happy hour
Combined rate: $50


"PM 2.0 and PM 3.0: The Future of Project Management"

Project management practices, just like other management practices, have undergone changes over the past five decade. Some of the changes have been significant, such as the use of project management offices (PMOs) and precedence networking techniques. But many of the other changes are often seen as just cosmetic changes that led to continuous improvements in project management, and are considered as just incremental changes to PM 1.0.

With the introduction of Web 2.0 technology, PM 2.0 has evolved into the future of project management for many companies that recognize that project management is now a strategic competency and the life’s blood of their organization. There are as many as 60 changes that have taken place with PM 2.0. Some companies are in the process of implementing most of the changes whereas other companies that are still complacent with PM 1.0 may implement only a few of the PM 2.0 changes. What is unfortunate, is that companies today are already living in a world of PM 2.0 but cannot see it or refuse to see it.

On the horizon is also PM 3.0 which is being recognized as a significant competitive advantage for those companies that see their entire company’s operations as “managing our business by projects.” PM 3.0 is a window into the next generation of project management for those companies that want to be recognized as leaders in the project management community rather than followers. These companies believe that the time to prepare the next generation of project managers, using PM 3.0 concepts, is now rather than later.

Some of the changes seen with PM 3.0 include:

  • Replacing traditional methodologies with value measurement methodologies
  • Creation of value-reflective metrics
  • Use of metric owners
  • Use of project management related Certification Boards
  • Future project management knowledge areas for global project managers
  • Characteristics of a good project management corporate culture
  • Categories of project success and project failure

In this three hour seminar, we will discuss the evolution of PM 2.0/3.0 and how it will change the way we will view project management and use the concepts. The changes that are part of PM 3.0, as well as many of the PM 2.0 concepts, affect all of us and how will must plan for a career in project management. The question is now as follows: “Do you and the company you work for want to be well positioned for a future in project management now and a decade from now? If so, then this seminar is for you.

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Event Date 01-23-2018 1:30 am
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