Leadership Overview

The PMINEO Leadership team is organized as shown in the diagram below:


  • The Governance Board is primarily responsible for the strategic direction and high-level oversight of the Chapter.  It consists of five directors-at-large, three of whom assume the roles of president, secretary, and treasurer.
  • The Operations Board is responsible for translating the Chapter’s strategy established by the Governance Board into actionable projects.  The Operations Board is comprised of three volunteer program managers, each of whom is responsible for a discrete area of PMINEO Chapter operations: Operations, Outreach and Member Services.  Together, the Operations Board members prioritize the projects for execution, report key metrics showing progress against the strategy, and coach the Vice-presidents.
  • The Vice-presidents are responsible for the execution of the projects and initiatives that support the day-to-day operation of the Chapter.  Each Vice-president is the leader over a specific function, driving projects and initiatives designed to support the metrics and strategic plan given by the Governance Board.
  • Each Vice-president leads a team of Directors, who are responsible for implementing those projects throughout the year. 

Inquiries regarding the Chapter governance structure can be obtained by contacting OpsBoard@pmineo.org .