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Knowledge-AdobeStock95569924Multitasking has become an accepted practice for many PM's as they progress through their work day.  Stakeholders, budgets, deadlines, etc. - we juggle many tasks in the air at once.  But what if multitasking is in fact counter productive? What if focusing our attention on one aspect of the PM cycle (as much as possible, anyway) is more beneficial to both the Project Manager and the project success?  The following article highlights research conducted by Stanford and by neuroscientist Kep Kee Loh at the University of Sussex in the UK details how multitasking can lower your IQ, reduce your effectiveness, cost your company money, damage your brain and impair your career.  


The following article was published by Entrepreneur,


By Travis Bradley, Co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart

You’ve likely heard that multitasking is problematic, but new studies show that it kills your performance and may even damage your brain. Research conducted at Stanford University found that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time. The researchers found that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information, or switch from one job to another as well as those who complete one task at a time. 

A Special Skill? 

AdobeStock64838830But what if some people have a special gift for multitasking? The Stanford researchers compared groups of people based on their tendency to multitask and their belief that it helps their performance. They found that heavy multitaskers—those who multitask a lot and feel that it boosts their performance—were actually worse at multitasking than those who like to do a single thing at a time. The frequent multitaskers performed worse because they had more trouble organizing their thoughts and filtering out irrelevant information, and they were slower at switching from one task to another. Ouch. Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When you try to do two things at once, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully.

Multitasking Lowers IQ 

Research also shows that, in addition to slowing you down, multitasking lowers your IQ. A study at the University of London found that participants who multitasked during cognitive tasks experienced IQ score declines that were similar to what they’d expect if they had smoked marijuana or stayed up all night. IQ drops of 15 points for multitasking men lowered their scores to the average range of an 8-year-old child. So the next time you’re writing your boss an email during a meeting, remember that your cognitive capacity is being diminished to the point that you might as well let an 8-year-old write it for you. 

Brain Damage From Multitasking 

It was long believed that cognitive impairment from multitasking was temporary, but new research suggests otherwise. Researchers at the University of Sussex in the UK compared the amount of time people spend on multiple devices (such as texting while watching TV) to MRI scans of their brains. They found that high multitaskers had less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex, a region responsible for empathy as well as cognitive and emotional control. 

While more research is needed to determine if multitasking is physically damaging the brain (versus existing brain damage that predisposes people to multitask), it’s clear that multitasking has negative effects. Neuroscientist Kep Kee Loh, the study’s lead author, explained the implications: “I feel that it is important to create an awareness that the way we are interacting with the devices might be changing the way we think and these changes might be occurring at the level of brain structure.” 

Learning From Multitasking 

89c31d4a49001a41491615d305718f04If you’re prone to multitasking, this is not a habit you’ll want to indulge—it clearly slows you down and decreases the quality of your work. Even if it doesn’t cause brain damage, allowing yourself to multitask will fuel any existing difficulties you have with concentration, organization, and attention to detail. Multitasking in meetings and other social settings indicates low Self- and Social Awareness, two emotional intelligence (EQ) skills that are critical to success at work. TalentSmart has tested more than a million people and found that 90% of top performers have high EQs. If multitasking does indeed damage the anterior cingulate cortex (a key brain region for EQ) as current research suggests, it will lower your EQ in the process. 

So every time you multitask you aren’t just harming your performance in the moment; you may very well be damaging an area of your brain that’s critical to your future success at work.


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 Yoda2Making the most of your presence on LinkedIn can be a little overwhelming: With more than 300 million active users and two new members joining every second, knowing how to find interesting people, interact in groups, and brand yourself among the crowd isn’t always easy. 

So, if you are interested in quick guide, look no further than the infographic attached.  It breaks down the entire process of using LinkedIn, in a Star Wars-themed format—meaning it’s actually pretty fun to read through.

The original infographic can be found at:



January 21, 2017

USA, Ohio, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Named for project management industry icon, Dr. Harold Kerzner, the prestigious Kerzner Awards for the year 2016 honor the elite of project management success in Northeast Ohio.  

2016-POY-Winner-KeyBank-Daniel-Svoboda-and-Dr-KerznerThe first award announced by the Northeast Ohio Chapter was the 2016 Project of the Year Award.  This award was given to the team led by Daniel Svoboda, Project Manager at KeyBank for the bank’s Mortgage Insourcing Project.  The 2016 Project of the Year Award recognizes and honors the premier project in the Northeast Ohio area for the year as selected by PMI’s Northeast Ohio Chapter and recognizes the superior application of project management principles, particularly the industry standard Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK 5th Edition), in the planning, design, and the importance of and challenges encountered and implementation of the project.  This project was considered to be exceptionally challenging for the following reasons: 

·         Over a two year timeline, the project accomplished the procurement of a Loan Origination System and training of over 400 mortgage employees across 14 states. Prior to this project, KeyBank outsourced the majority of their mortgage operations.   

·         The acquisition of First Niagara Bank brought a new servicing solution, moved the planned fulfillment center from new hires in Cleveland to existing staff in Buffalo, and added 100 additional loan officers to the rollout scope. 

·         Creation of new policy, procedures and job aides; partnership and review with three lines of risk and compliance teams.

 Among the many benefits of the KeyBank Insourcing Project are: 

·      The Bank is now able to grow it’s mortgage business without former technological limits placed on KeyBank’s mortgage business.   

·         Through this insourcing project, KeyBank now has more control over its costs, helping the Bank to offer a better deal to its mortgage customers. 

·         The Bank’s mortgage sales staff has been given a more streamlined, end to end process tool that improves mortgage customer’s experience by making the mortgage application process easier through more efficient data collection, eSign and eDelivery of documents. 

·         Significant increase in mortgage lending to Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) qualified communities that KeyBank serves. 

2016-PME-Winner-Todd-Jones-and-Dr-KerznerIn addition, PMI’s Northeast Ohio Chapter also awarded The Project Management Excellence Award which was presented to Todd Jones, PMP (“Project Management Professional”) and PMI-ACP (“Agile Certified Practitioner”).   This award recognizes and honors the individual demonstrating the most significant contributions and continual commitment to the project management profession; enhancing project management concepts, practices and techniques during the year 2016.  Todd’s 23-year career has been spent entirely at Westfield Insurance - as a developer, architect, testing leader, and project manager.  As a Sr. Project Manager, he has led dozens of business & technology projects with a proven track record of satisfied sponsors and motivated, happy team members.   Todd also was selected to participate in Todd was selected for Project Management Institutes Leadership Institute Master Class, an intense, year-long leadership training program.  Todd graduated from this program in 2016. 

Finally, speaking on the topic Project Management 2.0 / 3.0, The Future of Project Management, Dr. . Harold Kerzner who was the featured speaker at this event said that “Project Management is fast becoming a “strategic competency” for survival by many companies.  He went on to say that project management is at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution, with over 10,000 developers currently working on project management applications for use on smartphones and tablets.  Within a short time, he said that project managers will be totally mobile, with responsibility for the management of projects being interactively distributed across teams located in different areas of the world.  Critical information and metrics will be available to team members instantaneously, further increasing the pace of innovation and development of new products and services for the benefit of consumers and businesses the world over.  Considered by many to be both a pioneer and thought leader within the industry, Dr. Kerzner is currently serving as Senior Executive Director for Project Management for the International Institute for Learning (IIL).   Dr. Kerzner has a MS and Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Utah State University. He has taught engineering at the University of Illinois and business administration at Utah State University and for 37 years taught project management at Baldwin-Wallace University. He has published or presented numerous engineering and business papers, and has published more than 50 college textbooks on project management. His three latest books are (1) PM 2.0: The Future of Project Management; (2) Project Management Metrics, KPIs and Dashboards, and (3) Project Recovery: Case Studies and Techniques for Overcoming Project Failure.  In his role at the International Institute for Learning (IIL), Dr. Kerzner travels around the world each year conducting project management lectures in Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, The United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, England and Switzerland.     



Project Management Institute is the world's leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession.  Founded in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI) delivers value for more than 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country in the world through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research. PMI advances careers, improves organizational success and further matures the profession of project management through its globally recognized standards, certifications, resources, tools academic research, publications, professional development courses, and networking opportunities. As part of the PMI family, Human Systems International (HSI) provides organizational assessment and benchmarking services to leading businesses and government.  PMI has over 280 geographic chapters in more than 185 countries. Worldwide membership in PMI® is more than 700,000 professionals. The non-profit PMI Northeast Ohio Chapter serves as the premier professional association for Project Managers and for the project management profession in the powerful Cleveland-Akron-Canton Combined Statistical Area.  With over 1,400 local members, the Northeast Ohio Chapter is considered one of the largest PMI chapters. Additional information can be found at and, for the local chapter at


ing-directReally interesting article sourced from McKinsey Quarterly, January 2017, describing the why's and how's of Dutch banking group became agile.  Full article is available for download, below.

Established businesses around the world and across a range of sectors are striving to emulate the speed, dynamism, and customer centricity of digital players.  In the summer of 2015, the Dutch banking group ING embarked on such a journey, shifting its traditional organization to an “agile” model inspired by companies such as Google, Netflix, and Spotify. Comprising about 350 nine-person “squads” in 13 so-called tribes, the new approach at ING has already improved time to market, boosted employee engagement, and increased productivity.

The article goes on to state that: "Agility is about flexibility and the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt and steer itself in a new direction. It’s about minimizing handovers and bureaucracy, and empowering people. The aim is to build stronger, more rounded professionals out of all our people. Being agile is not just about changing the IT department or any other function on its own. The key has been adhering to the “end-to-end principle” and working in multidisciplinary teams, or squads, that comprise a mix of marketing specialists, product and commercial specialists, user-experience designers, data analysts, and IT engineers—all focused on solving the client’s needs and united by a common definition of success. This model was inspired by what we saw at various technology companies, which we then adapted to our own business.


By Katherine Miracle, Founder& CEO of Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing, public relations and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness.  She is a Strategic Personal Branding expert; award-winning Speaker/Trainer and the Author of “Discovering Your Dawn”  “Marketing That Drives Revenue” and “Your Strategic Personal Brand” Please connect with via email or Twitter.

This article is presented in follow-up to Katherine’s presentation as the featured speaker at the 2016 International Project Management Day held in October 2016 at Baldwin Wallace University.

Editorial support helping to make this article more relevant to project manager's was provided by PMINEO.


Any PMINEO members interested in building their personal brand have been offered a FREE consultation by Miracle Resources.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information. 


Why should the idea of your personal brand important to you? 

The answer is that your personal brand is the “everything” in terms of your career. Your brand represents the sum of the value that you consistently deliver to those whom you are serving in your role as a professional project manager. 

Understanding and building your personal brand requires a full-time commitment to the journey of both defining yourself as a leader and shaping how you will serve others.  Over time, more and more your brand becomes part of the essence of who you are. 

If you were to define your Personal Brand right now what would you think it would say about you? 

Might your brand contain at least some of the characteristics considered to be present in many of the great project managers?  For example:   

·         Effective leader – possesses command authority and resolves conflicts others naturally.     

·         Possesses quick sifting abilities, knows what to note and what to ignore.   

·         Highly Skilled Communicator.  Asks good questions and listens to stakeholders.   

·         Does not use information as a weapon or a means of control – shares willingly and puts the project team first.   

·         Exercises independent and fair consensus-building skills when conflict arises.  

·         High energy.  Skilled negotiator.  Effective communicator.  Industry expert.  Organized and Efficient.  Passionate professional.  Innovator.  Visionary. 

Now that you have taken the first steps in defining your personal brand, do you think this would be the same way you are viewed by others?

Self-awareness is being conscious of what you're good at while acknowledging what you still have yet to learn. This includes admitting when you don't have the answer and owning up to weaknesses.  Whether you acknowledge your weaknesses or not, in the real world everyone still sees them. So rather than conceal them, the person who tries to hide weaknesses actually highlights them, creating the perception of a lack of integrity and self-awareness.  This ultimately leads to a diminishment of your effectiveness as a project manager. 


Pushing the truth to your subconscious is a power you must master. 

AdobeStockTeamOur minds store truth based on what we watch, read and listen to, when we carry a belief that is incorrect we act on it.  In one recent interview, a project manager said: “When everyone told me I should strive to be a portfolio manager, I followed that and believed that was my destiny. As I learned more, I found the real truth…I loved working at the head of a single team and not as a portfolio or program manager.”


As I researched, read and worked hard to grow I stored new truths.


What truths do you need to push to your subconscious mind today?


Called creative visualization, this is the fundamental technique underlying reality creation. It is the process of using your thought power to consciously imagine, create and attract to yourself that which you intend to experience in your life. Mastering creative visualization grants you direct control over your thoughts at the subconscious level. While there are several ways to program the subconscious mind, visualization is the most effective and its results the most rapid. (Kotsos, n.d.)

Creative visualization is a “mental rehearsal” tool used by entrepreneurs, athletes, CEO’s, CI, senior executives, and many others in mapping out behaviors and outcomes in advance in support of achieving your goals. 

DSC0149For example, giving a speech or making a professional presentation is a tool that many project manager’s use in building their brand.  So many project managers, particularly younger project managers tell me they could never get up and give a speech in front of a large audience.  This is a critical skill the should be mastered by any successful project manager.  As part of my working with students, I teach public speaking at the college level and I have had students tell me they will have a panic attack, throw up or pass out.  We work on each section of speech and as they store each technique, strategy and practice session in their mind they give great speeches.  I tell them at the end of the semester that they lied to me because they said they could not give a speech.  I tell them I believe I can do anything if I put my mind in the mindset for success and get the help I need.  Sadly, some students still believe I was the reason for their success.  The real reason is they change their mindset.


Your brand teaches you your Yes and your NO but without Self talk and Visualization you cannot be true to your brand.


I need to put Mass (my brain) with Speed of Light (Celaritas)  (my knowledge) –and add my Faith to create Energy (my brand).


Using your Brain, is to control your emotions, envision your life the way you want it to go.  Add the Knowledge or light that changes you and helps you grow.  Add faith and it becomes the GPS for your life.


Energy is created through your brain mass, light or knowledge and grow both through faith to build your brand.


Thank you Albert Einstein  E=MC2    we will honor you in building our brand by remembering Energy=Mass, Celaritas and Faith is the square that powers our brand!


The brainpower you are given must be used to respond not react.  Choosing options visually engages your brain and helps you creatively overcome obstacles


Options to optimal risk planning solution (illustrative)

In another example, a project manager determines to develop a brand based on achieving superior project risk management skills. 

In the graphic below a project manager assessing risks, evaluating strategies and visualizing responses uses decision model illustrated in the diagram below.  In this case, the center is always the central problem in determining whether the risk is positive or negative.

KMiracle-Article-Graphic-1217The visual helps our brain see ways to combine options and to take the stress out of a major decision.  The optimal solution maybe selecting 3 of the options to decide on how to make the decision.   Too often we base our decisions on one option instead of using creativity to create an optimal solution.

Your brand is using your talents to find and fulfill your purpose, your passion, and your truth. Become the one person your company cannot live without, the person your family cannot live without, but most importantly, become the one person you have always wanted to be. It all starts with the brand!

Interested in learning more about building your personal brand?  Check out this quick video


More About Katherine Miracle... 

Katherine Miracle, MBA award-winning Speaker/Trainer and Marketer, is a Brand & Team Builder. She serves her clients as a revenue development strategist and motivator through her expertise as a…


Katherine Miracle, MBA is an award-winning public speaker and the recipient of the “Best Speaker/Facilitator” Award for CBC Magazine. By motivating her client’s team members through speaking events around the country, she fixes the long-set issues through team building, brand building and communication training. Miracle Resources has increased revenue and strengthened teams for over 100 brands. Over 5,000 professionals have been trained by Miracle Resources.


Katherine is the Founder and CEO of Miracle Resources, LLC. Miracle Resources is a full service Marketing, Public Relations & Training Firm. Increasing revenue for 100 brands and providing training, and success coaching for businesses and non-profit organizations through its training program that increases revenue and awareness, “Brand + Team = Revenue.” This national franchised certification program specifically targets branding and team building to increase revenue. Katherine is also the founder of “Americas Respect Revolution”, which aims to rebrand America’s ideals through a change in its cultural approach to social interaction. “America’s Respect Revolution” has inspired children and adults to treat each other fairly and equitably through interactive seminars. All proceeds go towards creating free Respect Resources. Katherine’s work as an entrepreneur has been honored as a Distingushed Marketing Executive by Sales & Marketing Executive International. The Elite Women Award from International Business Women was presented to Katherine in 2016.


Katherine is the author of three books. The first, “Discovering your Dawn,” uses Katherine’s own life experience to create a highly-relatable narrative that motivates readers to overcome their difficulties in order to achieve their true potential. Her second book, “Marketing That Drives Revenue,” helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders increase revenue. Katherine’s third book, “Your Strategic Personal Brand… The Truth and the Lies,” gives readers the tools to use their own Strategic Personal Branding to find their passion and purpose. This book is used in “Brand Building + Team Building = Revenue Building” training, as well as at several career colleges.


Katherine Miracle is a graduate of the University of Akron with degrees in Business / Communications and Theatre Arts. She then graduated with Honors from the University of Phoenix with her MBA.



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  • Entrepreneurship
  • And MORE!

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*Please register by NOON on Friday, June 12th*

Topic:  Chapter Project of the Year - Vitamix

Summary of Presentation:

Fast-track a new eShop site in two months!  ….with Waterfall AND Agile

You might be a fan of only waterfall, or only agile, or maybe you choose between the two based on project type.   Have you considered using both?  This presentation will describe how a project team used both to meet the business need for a new German eShop site in only two months, just half the normal time! 

The business environment for this project allowed only two months’ time to: define, design, translate, build, populate, test, and deploy a consumer eShop that met strict German privacy laws.  This included finding new German vendors for IT work, for site hosting, and for credit card processing.  The team followed a traditional Waterfall phased approach, with heavily overlapped phases.  The team also used a number of techniques that are commonly associated with Agile, such as:

  • empowered self-organizing teams
  • daily status meetings
  • frequent direct collaboration, light documentation
  • early and frequent testing and validation

This presentation will describe the above as well as the factors that led to success of the project, and the 2014 PMINEO Project of the Year award.

PMINEO Logo 071314

*Register by Monday, 3/23*

Topic:  “The Connected Enterprise – An example of the Vision Working in Rockwell Automation Plants”

Summary of Presentation or Event: Rockwell Automation’s Operations and Engineering Services Connected Enterprise Journey examines how converging operations, automation controls and Information Technology to access and capitalize on operational, business and transactional data – connects people and processes for better collaboration, faster problem solving, and improved innovation within an organization and its supply chain.  In this session a real live application of the Connected Enterprise will be provided. 

Rockwell Automation has established the vision of the Connected Enterprise to the world and is working towards making sure that the products and solutions continue to evolve to meet that vision. 

Rockwell’s own plants have delivered the Connected Enterprise as a great example for customers to see, and this session will focus on how Rockwell’s own manufacturing and IT teams have integrated Rockwell automation products to reduce waste, increase cycle time, reduce downtime, and optimize resources.

Some of the questions that will be addressed are:  

       What are the common challenges that Rockwell’s customers and manufacturing plants face?

       What KPIs does Rockwell Automation use to measure operations’ performance?

       How is the data converted that resides throughout the processes, and how is the data converted by the plants into actionable information?

       What are the Rockwell Automation products the plants have used to accomplish the vision of the Connected Enterprise?

       How are project management principles being used to support the successful implementation of this project? 

Rockwell Presentation:  Rockwell Connected Enterprise Presentation (Also in Published Articles)

Chapter Meeting Presentation:  PMINEO March 2015 Chapter Meeting Presentation   (Also in Published Articles)


Speakers: Bob Rossoll and Lion Moeliono

Date: Thursday March 26, 2015

Time: 6:00 Sign-In and Networking

6:45 Meeting Announcements

7:00 Presentation

8:00 Q&A

8:15 Wrap-up

Location: Rockwell Automation

1 Allen Bradley Drive

Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

(440) 646-5000

Landerhaven  1


 Rockwell Map


Cost: Free for Students, Chapter Members, and Greeters. All others are charged a $5 fee. You will need to register with a valid PMI id if you are a member of the local chapter and want PDU's.

Refreshments: Light snacks and beverages

Register: *Register by Monday, 3/23* Use the "Register Now!" button below. **Be sure to log in to the website Member Login (SSO) before registering in order to use our registration self-cancellation feature**

Instructions to self-cancel registrations are available in our FAQ How do I cancel my registration? available here and on our website,, under the About Us tab > FAQ > How do I cancel my event registration?

We will not accept walk-ins for the event nor can accept payment at the door. If you are a PMI member, please enter your PMI member id on the registration form. For individuals that are PMI members, have entered an accurate PMI member id, and also have a PMI certification, we will upload your registration information to PMI to report your PDU's for you, saving you time.

PDU/s: 1.5

Speakers Biography:
Bob Rossoll, Project Manager Operations and Engineering Services Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Team has worked on the Concepts of the Connected Enterprise for the past 8 years. The concepts developed have been implemented in 14 Rockwell facilities worldwide enabling the facilities to improve on Delivery, Lead Times, Quality and overall Productivity.

Lion Moeliono, Information Technology Leader has worked on MES architectures & solutions for over 15 years.  His work has led to break through in System Integration, common graphical user interface, language localization, embedded downtime functionality, labor reconciliation, KPI reporting, and numerous other capabilities and feature sets.

PMINEO Logo 071314 

Topic:  Driving Organizational Change – The Next Generation Project Management Office

Summary of Presentation:

Project management offices (PMOs) are moving beyond basic project management support to providing strategic insights and supporting enterprise-wide initiatives. In order to more fully understand the role PMOs are playing within their organizations, the authors of this presentation conducted a survey to understand the key characteristics (structures, responsibilities, and skill-sets) necessary to provide strategic support. This presentation shares these results.

Attendees will learn:

  1. The common PMO governance models, performance measures, key responsibilities, skill competencies, and gaps
  2. How PMOs in large and small organizations differ
  3. The characteristics that drive PMOs’ successful support of strategic and transformational change initiatives

Presentation available here and on the PMINEO website in Pubished Articles under the Events Calendar tab.

PMINEO Chapter Meeting Presentation available here and on the PMINEO website in Published Articles under the Events Calendar tab.

Speaker: Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland from American Productivity & Quality Center

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time: 6:00 Sign-In and Networking

            6:45 Meeting Announcements

            7:00 Presentation

            8:00 Q&A

            8:15 Wrap-up

Location: This is a virtual presentation event.  You have a choice of one of four locations. We will be broadcasting the speaker to each location and allow interactive Q&A. There will be a member of the PMINEO Program Committee as Venue Facilitator at each location. When registering, you must select your desired venue. Sign-in sheets will be specific to each location. Some venues have limited seating.

Site A: Progressive Insurance

300 North Commons Blvd

Mayfield Village, OH 44143

Occupancy: 150

Site B: Hyland Software, Global Headquarters

            Hyland – Building 3

            28105 Clemens Road

            Westlake, OH 44145

  Occupancy: 100


Site C: University of Akron

            Distance Learning Room 105 in College of Business Administration

  259 South Broadway Street

  Akron, OH 44325

 Occupancy: 45

Parking ramp is located right across the street, just west of the CBA Bldg and south of St. Bernard Catholic Church.   Parking passes will be emailed to those who requested to attend this venue during registration.


Site D:  Youngstown Business Incubator

241 West Federal St.

Youngstown, OH 44503

Occupancy: 8

Parking is available either on the street or in the lot next to the building accessible via alley behind the building. 


Cost: Free for Students, Chapter Members, and Greeters. All others are charged a $5 fee. You will need to register with a valid PMI id if you are a member of the local chapter and want PDU's.

Refreshments: Light Snack and Beverage

Register: Registration is closed.

Instructions to self-cancel registrations are available in our FAQ How do I cancel my registration? available here and on our website,, under the About Us tab > FAQ > How do I cancel my event registration?

We will not accept walk-ins for the event nor can accept payment at the door. If you are a PMI member, please enter your PMI member ID on the registration form. For individuals that are PMI members, have entered an accurate PMI member ID, and also have a PMI certification, we will upload your registration information to PMI to report your PDU's for you, saving you time.

PDU/s: 1.5 PDUs  Click here for the meeting PDU form or go to the website Events Calendar tab and PDU Forms.

Speaker Biography: Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland is a research program manager with American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) with over ten years of business research and consulting experience. In her role as research program manager for Business Excellence at APQC, she is responsible for conducting and publishing research on process management and improvement, quality, project management, measurement, and benchmarking.

Prior to joining APQC, Holly worked for Frost & Sullivan as the research lead for their functional best practices team; specializing in corporate strategy, corporate development, marketing, and innovation. During this time she co-developed their best-practice case study methodology, managed training, participated in several consulting projects, managed all departmental surveys, and introduced the use of voice of the customer feedback surveys for research agendas throughout the organization.

APQC is a member-based nonprofit and one of the world’s leading proponents of benchmarking, best practices, and knowledge management. Working with more than 500 member organizations worldwide in all industries, APQC provides organizations with the information they need to work smarter, faster and with greater confidence.


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9/11/2014- 9/12/2014

  Roeder Project Management Negotiation Event - 2 Days


  Roeder Communicate with Competence and Confidence Email Blast-This Week  


  Roeder Communicate with Competence and Confidence Event  Roeder

(Look under DocMan->Categories->Job Bank)

As a service to our members and the Northeastern Ohio community, this Job Bank forum is a way for our chapter to publicize openings for professionals in the project management field. 

Job seekers, don't forget to use your membership benefits at PMI Career Headquarters for Practitioners.

Job postings are posted free of charge to hiring organizations.  Postings will remain posted for a maximum of 30 days.   PMINEO does not post positions for job placement companies.  If you are not the actual hiring organization, please do not forward your opening to us.

If you would like to have a job opening posted on our site, please send a MS Word or PDF document containing a description of the opening, location of the position, and instructions on how to apply along with a point of contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your posting will be reviewed for content to ensure that all necessary information is included.  Postings not including a description, location and contact information will be declined.  You will receive either a notification via email that specific information is missing (if any is found to be missing) or a confirmation that your job has been posted.  Please allow 3 to 4 business days for your posting to appear.

From The South:

    If you are coming North on I-77 towards Akron , at the interchange, Merge onto I-76 E via EXIT 125B toward YOUNGSTOWN (0.9 miles). Take EXIT 24 toward ARLINGTON ST / KELLY AVE (0.4 miles). Turn LEFT onto FULLER ST. (<0.1 miles). Turn RIGHT onto 3RD AVE. (0.2 miles). Turn LEFT onto S MARTHA AVE. (<0.1 miles). Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto E MARKET ST / OH-18 (0.3 miles).

From The NorthWest:

    If you are coming South on I-77 towards Akron , remain on I-77 after it merges with I-76. Proceed past the interchange remaining on I-76 toward YOUNGSTOWN . Take EXIT 24 toward ARLINGTON ST / KELLY AVE (0.4 miles). Turn LEFT onto FULLER ST. (<0.1 miles). Turn RIGHT onto 3RD AVE. (0.2 miles). Turn LEFT onto S MARTHA AVE. (<0.1 miles). Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto E MARKET ST / OH-18 (0.3 miles).

From The North:

    If you are coming South on Rt. 8 towards Akron , at the interchange, merge onto I-76 East toward YOUNGSTOWN. Take EXIT 24 toward ARLINGTON ST / KELLY AVE (0.4 miles). Turn LEFT onto FULLER ST. (<0.1 miles). Turn RIGHT onto 3RD AVE. (0.2 miles). Turn LEFT onto S MARTHA AVE. (<0.1 miles). Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto E MARKET ST / OH-18 (0.3 miles).

From The East:

    If you are coming West on I-76 towards Akron, take the MARTHA AVE exit- EXIT 25- toward KELLY AVE (0.2 miles), turn RIGHT onto S MARTHA AVE (<0.1 miles) and turn SLIGHT LEFT onto E MARKET ST / OH-18 (0.3 miles)

From Market Street:

On Market Street , you will see the Goodyear Complex. Visitor’s parking is on the North side of Market near a large brick building (Goodyear Hall). Proceed from parking lot walking West on Market Street to the Goodyear Hall entrance at the traffic light. Upon entering Goodyear Hall, take elevators to 3rd floor. Room 350A is immediately in front of the elevators.

volunteer.jpg It's easy to volunteer with the local chapter. We have standing committees that are always looking for help.

Certified PMP's may claim up to five (5) PDU's per year in Category 5: Volunteer Service.

All members can contribute to the profession and to the chapter regardless of their certification status.

The keynote speaker, Dr Harold Kerzner, will present key.jpg

"The New Role Of The Project Manager:
A Business Manager"
Over the years, our view of project management has changed. Project managers are no longer viewed as merely people that execute projects. They must now make business decisions as well, and are being brought on board projects at the beginning of the initiation phase rather than at the end. Simply stated, project managers are now expected to make decisions for what is in the best interest of the business as well as the best interest of the project.