Leading Millenials through Simultaneous Leadership

Jeff-SpahnLeadership used to be pretty simple. An authority dictated a vision down a hierarchical chain of command, and everyone else fell in line. But a new age requires a new approach.

Contemporary leadership models today tout the power of “collaboration” to meet this challenge, but with “collaboration” we’re rehashing an industrial age concept (“co-labor”). Leadership in the digital age needs to flow faster than the ferocious pace of information and change: leaders must learn how to lead and follow in the same moment.

In the past, the function of leadership and management was to enforce structure to create consistent results, and hold people accountable.

Today is different. As organizational cultures and structures evolve and priorities change, our approach to leadership must evolve towards fostering an innovative culture. The role of an Agile Leader is to encourage and empower cross-functional teams. This demands that team members are granted sufficient personal responsibility, accountability and authority to deliver the customers’ requirements.

According to our author, J. Jeffrey Spahn, Founder and CEO – Leading Leaders, Inc., we do this best through leadership that is not just collaborative, but mutual and simultaneous.

Research and experience shows that this new form of agile leadership, known as simultaneous leadership is particularly attractive to millennials. Attached is an article submitted to us by J. Jeffrey Spahn, Founder and CEO – Leading Leaders, Inc, which is attached to this article and is available for your download. Jeff was a speaker of the PMINEO Chapter Meeting in October, 2016. The attached article, MILLENNIALS WORKING IN HEALTHCARE: SOLVING THE LEADERSHIP DILEMMA, was originally published in the February 2, 2017 of Becker’s Hospital Review. Reprinted here with permission.

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