Northeast Ohio Chapter of PMI

Governance Board – Summary Description of Roles


  • Represent the chapter at public events and act as a liaison between the chapter and PMI Global.
  • Drive implementation of PMI Global policies and guidelines and ensure that they are reflected in chapter processes.
  • Ensure that the chapter board works together as a team to meet the chapter’s strategic goals and annual reporting requirements from governing bodies (i.e., government, PMI Global).
  • Ensure that all chapter business is being done legally and ethically.
  • Chair the governance board meetings, facilitate the annual General Membership Meeting and lead the annual Chapter Leadership Meeting.
  • Responsible for achieving the chapter vision, mission and objectives as detailed by the chapter board, PMI and chapter strategic plans.


  • Oversee the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of the PMI - Northeast Ohio Chapter.
  • Prepares a quarterly financial report(s) on the activities of the Chapter and forwards to the Chapter Board and Vice Presidents.
  • Prepares other Chapter financial reports as required.
  • Responsible for compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations regarding income tax, sales tax, and making any required filings with governments having jurisdiction over the Chapter.


  • Preparing, maintaining, recording, circulating all records, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and related affairs of the chapter.
  • Will review the bylaws annually and suggest improvements to our chapter’s organizational structure
  • Complete the annual charter renewal for the PMI Global Operations Center
  • Support our strategic planning initiatives.
  • As time permits, this position also provides support for membership communication initiatives and board level oversight of special initiatives as needed.

Directors at Large (2):

  • Work with Board, President and Chapter officers to provide leadership and expertise in developing and executing strategic plans for chapter.
  • Provide guidance and mentoring to chapter officers
  • Establish policies and objectives for governing the chapter to ensure compliance with PMI headquarters
  • Provide chapter financials oversight
  • Manage specific projects initiatives assign by Board