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Leveraging Technology to Engage Chapter Members in
PMINEO’s Mission, Vision and 2017 Strategic Focus

On February 22. 2017 over 130 PMINEO members participated in the chapter’s first 100% virtual chapter meeting.  PMINEO members logged in from all over Northeast Ohio to learn from PMINEO chapter  leaders about PMINEO’s programs, vision, and 2017 focus.

Judging from the feedback from chapter members, the virtual meeting was a great way to engage PMINEO’s members.  Participating members also got the added benefit of earning 1.5 PDU’s!

The presentation slides are available for download by PMINEO members HERE.

Highlights of the meeting included:

  • PMINEO Chapter President Paul Allen’s overview of PMINEO’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Focus for 2017.
  • Reports from the PMINEO Operations Board on Key Projects for 2017
    • Joe Anastasi reported on Outreach intitiatives
    • Jim Stremple reported on Operations initiatives
    • Todd Jones reported on Member Services initiatives.
  • A review of upcoming 2017 events, including:
    • Seminars and PDU opportunities
    • Job seeker events
    • Networking opportunities
  • A virtual Q&A session (see questions and answers below)

A complete list of PMINEO’s 2017 events is available on the PMINEO website HERE.  

Chapter meetings and events are a great way for PMINEO members to connect with their fellow professionals, while advancing the project management profession.  Please join your fellow members at our 2017 chapter events and get in on the fun!

2/22/17 Virtual Chapter Meeting Q&A

Q: What is the current membership volunteer rate if the goal is 10%?

A: Current rate is 6%, just short of 80%.  Volunteers serve in different levels of commitment.  Come to a meeting or two.  146ish people

Q: What's the theme for the May PDD?

A:  No specific theme for PDD, we will have multiple speakers. More to come 

Q: A few years ago we hosted meetings at various locations - one was U of Akron. Are you considering having any sessions in Akron again for those of us who live a little further south.

A: We are hosting are next meeting at Walsh University. 

Q: What percentage of the membership is IT related versus construction of other areas of project management?  - Engineering, construction, banking, insurance, health.

A: Jim will be doing additional research and will be able to provide information at a later date.

Q: How do we get PDUs for volunteering – there is a maximum of volunteer hours per year (24 per cycle)

A: Take part on a committee you earn volunteer hours.

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*Register by midnight Saturday, 4/18*

Topic: Discussion of Ethics - Performing Under Pressure in an Uncertain World

Summary of Presentation:

Join us as we welcome Dr. Peter Rea, an internationally-acclaimed speaker and co-author of several books. Dr. Rea teaches a “Power & Ethics” MBA course at Baldwin Wallace University, with an emphasis upon a foundation of personal values and integrity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network, share ideas and learn from an authority on Ethics!

Lambert Logo 060614 

Please do not reply to this email. Instead if you have questions about the event, please contact LCG, Lambert Consulting Group at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lee R. Lambert is coming back to Cleveland with a BRAND NEW workshop you can't afford to miss! These 8 hours may seriously change your life!

Don't Worry, Be Happy! A PM Oxymoron? Not-so-Secret Tools for Efficient Productive PM (With or Without a PMO)
with Lee Lambert, PMP, CEO
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1/30/2014 1/30/2014 Newsletter 2nd Draft to Leadership Team, One Last Look!  
1/31/2014  1/31/2014 Newsletter January 2014 Publish  
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2/7/2014  2/8/2014 February Chapter Meeting, Email Blast Communication Team
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2/9/2014 2/9/2014 Roeder E Training Posting to Website, Reponse to Emails  
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2/12/2014 2/12/2014 Update Volunteer and Leadership Page with Open Positions  
2/12/2014  2/12/2014 PMO Birds of a Feather Event J Kuster and TR Jones
2/15/2014  2/16/2014 Newsletter February 2014 Draft to CG Communication Team
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3/20/2014 3/20/2014 March Chapter Meeting, Communicating Professional Brand  
3/24/2014   Newsletter March 2014 Draft to Leadership Team  
3/27/2014   March Chapter Meeting, Thank You Letters and PDU Processsing  
3/28/2014   DEP/Newsletter List Updates, Chris Gentry wil process Communication Team
3/28/2014   Roeder International Project Management Event Roeder
3/29/2014 3/29/2014 Lambert Blended Learning 3/29-5/3  
3/29/2014   April Chapter Meeting, An Agile Story Reminder Email Blast  
3/31/2014   Newsletter March 2014 Publish Communication Team
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4/9/2014   April Chapter Meeting, An Agile Story  
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9/11/2014- 9/12/2014

  Roeder Project Management Negotiation Event - 2 Days


  Roeder Communicate with Competence and Confidence Email Blast-This Week  


  Newsletter September 2014 Publish  


  Newsletter October 2014 Publish  


  Roeder Communicate with Competence and Confidence Event  Roeder


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  Newsletter December 2014 Publish  

Northeast Ohio Project Management Institute's Annual Professional Development Day  (4 PDUs)

Featuring: "Strategies for Successful Leadership" with Nationally Renowned Leadership Speakers

Presentation Summary: Please join the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Project Management Institute for its Annual Professional Development Day. Professional Development Day is open to chapter members and the general public. This exciting educational event will allow participants to expand their professional networks, sharpen individual skills, learn new skills in developing teams, and earn PDUs!

A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Platinum Sponsor
 Gold Sponsor

Topic: Do you want to become a great leader? Success is born of behaviors and choices that lead to exceptional performance. Neal Whitten will reveal leading edge, best-practice, results-oriented behaviors and actions that will promote your professional and personal success. Ron Taylor will provide a unique approach that examines how we learn from leaders by what they do and what we see, and how to use this to improve our own leadership presence.

Meeting Presentation: PDD Master Presentation 6/5/2014

Neal Whitten - Power Snippets: 2014 Neal Whitten - Power Snippets - Behaviors that Lead to Exceptional Performance


  • Opening Keynote Speaker ~ Neal Whitten ~ Topic: “Behaviors that Lead to Exceptional Performance”
  • Concluding Keynote Speaker ~ Ron Taylor ~ Topic: “What the Dog Saw: Improving Leadership Presence”

Date: Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time: 7:30am -12:30pm

Location: Holiday Inn Independence ~ 6001 Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio 44131


7:30am - 8:25am: Registration ~ Continental Breakfast ~ Networking

8:25am - 8:30am: Opening Announcements

8:30am - 10:30am: Opening Keynote

10:30am - 10:45am: Break

10:45am - 10:50am: Announcements

10:50am - 12:25pm: Closing Keynote

12:25pm – 12:30pm: Closing Comments - Raffle


Early Bird Registration, On or before May 5th, Member $100, Non-Member $115

After May 5th: Member $120, Non-Member $135

Registration: Register using the "Register Now!" button below. 

You will need to register with a valid PMI ID if you are a member of the local PMI chapter and want PDU's.

Refreshments: Continental Breakfast & Snacks

PDUs: 4 , Access PDU form here, or on the main website under Events Calendar>PDU Forms

Speaker Biographies:

Neal Whitten, PMP, president of The Neal Whitten Group, is a popular speaker, trainer, consultant, mentor, and best-selling author in the areas of leadership, project management, and employee development. He has written over 100 articles for professional magazines and is the author of seven books. With over 35 years of front-line project management experience, Neal has developed and instructed dozens of unique workshops and presented to many thousands of people from across hundreds of companies, institutions and public organizations. Neal is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has been a contributing editor of PMI’s PM Network® magazine for over 15 years.

Ron Taylor, MBA, PMP, is an internationally known leader, lecturer, author, and consultant, and is the principal and founder of the Ron Taylor Group. He is Past President of the Washington D.C. Chapter of the Project Management Institute, the largest PMI Chapter in the world, with over 11,000 members. During Ron’s tenure as President, the Chapter was named PMI Chapter of the Year and Ron became the only person in the 35-year history of the Chapter to be named Leader of the Year of the 500,000-person Project Management Institute.


Lambert LCG Logo 032414Lambert Cartoon Logo 032414
Overview:  Working with difficult people is not only frustrating and stressful; it can also cost you, your project and your organization time and money. This program will provide powerful insights into how to develop the interpersonal and communication skills you need to recognize and respond to difficult and non-productive behavior in project team members, co-workers AND managers. You will be able to separate people from problems, act rather than react, and shape and encourage acceptable, productive behavior. The emphasis is on understanding why difficult people behave the way they do—and how best to deal with them. Through the administration of a proven Personal Assessment Instrument, you will be able to determine your personal preferences in dealing with conflict and assess whether the use of your preferred style will lead to conflict resolution and project performance improvement.


Topic: Doing Project Management the Agile Way (What does Agile mean for a PM?)

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 6:00–8:30 pm
6-6:45pm Networking Opportunity; 6:45pm Announcements; 7-8:30pm Presentation

Location: Westfield Insurance - Blair Center: One Park Circle, Westfield Center, OH  44251 
Click here for driving directions.

Cost: Free for Students, Chapter Members, Speaker, Employees of host company, and Greeters. 
All others are charged a $5 fee. A valid PMI id is required if you are a member of the local chapter.

PDUs: 1.5   Download PDU form

Register: Click here to register for this event.

By the end of April 2011, PMI will send out a web-based survey to all of our chapter members to measure chapter member satisfaction with the core services provided by the Chapter. Examples of the Chapter's core services includes monthly meetings, Professional Development Days (PDDs), communications to new members, website content, new member recognition and Chapter marketing.  More information on our Core Services

Additionally, the survey will capture your recommendations on additional services you would like to see the Chapter provide and is input to the Chapter's Strategic Alignment Scorecard (SAS). More information on the SAS

When you receive this survey, please complete it as this information will be used by the Chapter's leadership team to continue providing the highest level of value to chapter members. If you have any questions on the survey, core services or SAS, click here to send your question via e-mail to the VP of Standards and Compliance for the Chapter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The chapter is offering to help start a user group for a Project Management tool, or any other tool such as MS Project, Clarity, Primavera, or MS-Sharepoint.   There would be one group per system type.  If you are interested, send an email to Bob Zoller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please provide your name, email address, tool name, and any comments about what you would like to see from the group.