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PMINEO's Kerzner Professional Awards

Submit your nominations and share ideas and conversations about what’s working in Northeast Ohio


PMINEO is seeking nominations for two special awards:

  •  2016 Kerzner Award for Project Management Excellence recognizes and honors an individual for continuously exemplifying the characteristics of a strong, effective project manager throughout their career. This person should demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the standards, goals and practices of project management.
  • 2016 Kerzner Award for Project of the Year  is awarded to the large and complex project that best delivers:
  1.            Superior performance of project management practices
  2.            Superior organizational results

Why Kerzner Awards

These are the highest awards our chapter bestow to recognize the fantastic work that is being done by Project Management practitioners in our region.  It recognizes the success of your organization’s project and/or project manager accordingly. A project of any type, from any industry, public or private sectors, are welcome.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Nominees do not need to be a member of PMI or PMINEO.

Past Winners Include:

2015 – University Hospitals

2014 – Vitamix

2013 – Jo-Ann Fabrics



PMINEO Chapter called for nominations of Kerzner professional awards on 21 of September 2016. All nominations must be submitted no later than 4th of November 2016. The nomination committee will review all submissions and the PMINEO Membership committee will notify nominees of their decision by December 12, 2016. The awards will be presented at our annual Kerzner dinner on January 18, 2017. Holiday Inn Independence, OH.

A future 2017 chapter meeting will be your chance to find out more about what is behind the success of this year’s winner. Representatives of the project will talk about the project, its value to the company and what they did as Project Managers that made a difference. It will be a great opportunity to listen for the new ideas you’ve been looking for to push your own project over the top and ask questions of the people who made it a success. 


Who is awards sponsor?

 HAROLD KERZNER is the Senior Executive Director for Project Management for the International Institute for Learning (IIL). He has a MS and Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Utah State University. He is a prior Air Force Officer and spent several years at Morton-Thiokol in project management. He taught engineering at the University of Illinois and business administration at Utah State University, and for 37 years taught project management at Baldwin-Wallace University. He has published or presented numerous engineering and business papers, and has published more than 50 college textbooks on project management, including later editions. The Project Management Institute, Northeast Ohio Chapter, annually grants the two Kerzner Awards for excellent achievement in project management; one to a company and one to an individual.