Dear Northeast Ohio PMI Chapter,

I am writing to request your assistance and fellow members in completing an online survey for my dissertation, as part fulfillment towards my Master’s Degree at the University of Liverpool in the major of project & portfolio management. And since my studies were based on the PMI standard, I thought it appropriate to contact some of the PMI chapters for help.

The survey is based on project and portfolio management environments and I need an international perspective to get true insights and results. The research study investigates “ad-hoc decision making in portfolio management: Does it work, and is it the flexibility that supports management theory”?

To balance the survey an American perspective is needed, and I would very much appreciate if the Northeast Ohio Chapter can assist me by conducting the questionnaire survey. The questionnaire will provide the main source of empirical data, the analysis of which will be an essential part of this project. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time, the link is

The completion of the project is September 28th 2013. If the Chapter would like a copy of the completed empirical research with results, please indicate by return email and a copy will be forwarded on. In addition if the chapter would like to discuss the findings you can contact me on the below email or contact number.

All information will be handled in strict confidence; the information collected will be used purely for research purposes. Furthermore, only aggregated results and some anonymous quotations will appear in the final project.

Your co-operation is sincerely appreciated.


Yours faithfully


Mr. Adrian Hepworth

MSc Student (University of Liverpool)

Student ID:      H00025532

Email:              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact No.     +994 51 5329530alt