The new member awards initiative got off to a great start. Awards, in the form of Starbucks cards, were granted to 2 members at the last meeting. The awards were given to them because they were the newest members at the meeting that night.

Going forward, an opportunity to have lunch with the CIO or C-level Project Management Executive from one of the local corporations has been added to the list of award opportunities. Every member is eligible to participate.

Some of the criteria to win this prestigious award could include:

  • AdobeStock156327134Writing a scholarly article to be published in this or another PM publication.
  • Creating a useful tool or template that can be demonstrated and shown to facilitate the application of project management techniques.
  • Receiving recognition for speaking at a professional event that promotes the project management profession.
  • Receiving recognition for donating project management services to a non-profit organization (outside of PMINEO volunteer services provided).

All members are encouraged to participate in the awards program and all ideas are welcomed.

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