Northeast Ohio Chapter of PMI

PMINEO COVID-19 Fundraiser Virtual Event


As we all know, the COVID-19 virus has impacted all of our lives drastically. 

As we all practice social distancing and lockdown measures, to prevent the spread of this virus, this has had a severe impact on many of the local organizations and their employees.

PMINEO Chapter has come forward to do its part to help those impacted directly or indirectly due to this pandemic. The PMINEO Fundraiser Virtual Event is aimed to help raise funds for the people who need help immediately. These funds would be donated to a local charity for Northeast Ohio.

The event will be spread across 3 days, May 13-15, 2020, one session per day. Please register below to be able to join these webinars. You will only need to register once. While you gain knowledge and earn PDUs, please take a moment to donate whatever you can to help the cause.



Session 1: The Three Pillars of Strategy Success: Your Work, Your Career and Your Life

May 13, 2020 12 PM - 1 PM EST

Strategic planning is now a part of the PMI’s Talent Triangle - now identified as a critical component to our current and future roles. However, reading and hearing is one thing but how many of us are in a position to practice strategic planning and execution? ALL OF US.

This session will show us how strategic planning is a key to our success at work but, as well, to our careers and our lives. We will learn how to create a solid plan for any of the three legs and we will leave with the start to our own Professional Strategic Plans.

Key Outcomes
- Education on strategic planning and execution
- Inspiration on applying this important knowledge and skill to all here legs of our own lives
- Key take-aways to encourage us to think about applying all of this to our jobs, our careers and our lives.

Speaker Bio
Barrett-DavidDavid Barrett is a professional speaker, regular blogger, podcast host, author and education advisor.

David’s career includes the creation and directing of a project management conference business: ProjectWorld and Project Summit, a training company, a software development firm, a speaker bureau, and project management portal called and most recently, a TED-style event series for project professionals across North America.

He is currently the National Program Director for the Centres of Excellence in Project Management and Business Analysis with the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University and the founder of the Masters Certificate in Project Management.

He is the author, co-author or ‘compiler’ of 7 books including: ‘The Power of The Plan’, two version of ‘The Keys to Our Success’, ‘Leadership Perspectives’ and ‘7 Elements of Strategy Execution’.

Session 2: Planning with Scrum, with Fred Koos

May 14, 2020 12 PM - 1 PM EST

Planning With Scrum progresses through a 20 step process to effectively execute Scrum within a framework that enables continuously improving plans and flowing value. The creation of modular requirements leads to effective prioritization. A systems engineering based design process enables effective prioritization, sprint planning and designing to optimize delivery of sprint goals. A customer focused pull system is integral to maximizing benefits delivered. A standardized estimating approach steers the convergence of estimates to a tighter range. A synchronized product backlog and sprint backlog connection improves the ability to estimate the
trends. This presentation combines aspects of many disciplines to help your scrum teams perform at higher levels.

Speaker Bio

Koos-FredFred Koos has 25+ years of project, program, portfolio and PMO management experience. His presentations are fueled by this experience including the contributions below.

He led a cross-functional effort to develop project management practices improving performance by 300% over 4 years for 500 projects. He led a PMO to increased demand by 800% in 5 years.

Fred is currently the Director of the Integrated Implementation Center of Excellence at UPMC. Fred served 5 years as the hands-on Director of UPMC’s ISD PMO. UPMC is the largest non-governmental employer in Pennsylvania with 90,000 employees. He is the Immediate Past-President of the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter and was also VP of Education during his nine years on their Board. PMI Pittsburgh has over 1800 members.

Fred’s certifications include PMP, PMI-ACP, Advanced-CSM, CSPO, and PE license. He was a SME reviewer and contributor of 400+ items for two books: PMI’s Agile Practice Guide and SAE’s Project Management for Automotive Engineers. He wrote monthly articles for the PMI Pittsburgh Chapter.

Fred has presented at higher education institutions including Carnegie Mellon University, Chatham University, Penn State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Robert Morris University. He has given many presentations to PMI chapters on project management and agile topics.

Fred Koos is passionate about continually building project management knowledge and contributing to the project management community for you!

Session 3: Leading in Turbulent Times

May 15, 2020 12 PM - 1 PM EST

There is no doubt that most of us find ourselves in unchartered territory right now with the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on our families, communities, businesses, and world. The unknown can be unnerving and fear-inducing if we let it. It can also be an opportunity for heightened creative thinking, more authentic connection and courageous leadership for project management professionals.

This virtual presentation focuses on the 5 elements that leaders and prospective leaders must consider to be more effective and sensitive with our teams, our stakeholders and our customers;

  1. Re-consider your decision-making skills
  2. Accept that there’s ALWAYS more than one right answer to every challenge
  3. Be a relationship manager NOT a task manager
  4. Collect stories
  5. Engage your team at a different level

The times, they are a-changing–constantly. Luckily, the rulebook for leading in the midst of unpredictable change remains constant.

It’s all about how to motivate your team and maintain an enthusiastic focused mindset during this uncertainty. Join Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe as he presents “Leading in Turbulent Times’ in usual upbeat, high-energy style.

Speaker Bio 
Tobe-JeffCertified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe’s credentials are impressive. His keynote to the PMI LIM in Orlando was the hit of the conference and he has since keynoted 40 chapter PDD’s/Symposiums worldwide! Readers of Convention & Meetings Magazine chose him as one of their favorite speakers with other celebrities including Bill Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Condoleezza Rice and Daniel Pink. He is a creativity and customer experience expert,
professional speaker and bestselling author who works with companies and organizations who want to increase their bottom line by changing their customer experience and retaining great talent.

Jeff Tobe’s articles have been read in hundreds of publications and he is the author of the hugely popular book, 'Project Management Professionals are Coloring Outside The Lines!' He is the co-author of three other books and his newest book, 'ANTICIPATE: Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do!' is quickly becoming one of the hottest business books on the market.