Ah, technology is wonderful, and email is a good communication tool, when it works.  Here's what the chapter website Support team has learned regarding the communication tools used for registration confirmation and chapter newsletters, both sent via email.

All users are sent a confirmation email after registering for an event. If you registered for an event and have not received an email confirmation, or if you have not received the Chapter Newsletters, then check:

  • Did you login to the chapter website before registering?  If you did, this will auto-populate the registration form based upon the information you provided to PMI (check MyPMI at www.PMI.org to change this information)
  • SPAM folders (WE don't serve SPAM!  Some bad childhood memories...)
  • Mailbox Rules and Settings
  • If Gmail is the web e-mail service you use, then check how Gmail is organized (probably applies to other webmail accounts too). Google has initiated a new feature where it automatically separates e-mails into three boxes (Inbox, Social Media and SPAM).  You may not realize the Chapter information is automatically (thanks to Gmail) going into one of the other mailboxes; not your primary in-box.
  • Firewall / proxy and filter rule settings (usually set for corporations to prevent SPAM robots from attacking internal technology)
  • Other areas not covered under the End User Agreement between you and Northeast Ohio Chapter of PMI (the lawyers made us put this in...)