Several Chapter Members have commented the Chapter Newsletters are received in old email addresses.  First review the FAQ "Why am I not receiving Chapter emails?" as the Chapter uses the email you recorded in, "My PMI".  Edit the email settings there, and the Chapter Newsletter list get's updated monthly.

As a Member of the Northeast Ohio Chapter, you will continue receiveing the Chapter Newsletter.  The Chapter Newsletter is provided to all Chapter Members, and is a valuable tool used to keep the members informed of upcoming events and hightlights.  It's a recommended "must read" for those interested in continuing their Project Management proficiency.

When "Unsubscribe" is used, the chapter is notified and removes you from the distribution list.  You will be removed per your request as long as you are NOT a Member of the Chapter.  Due to the automated download from, because you are a Member of PMI and the Chapter, your email is therefore readded to the Chapter Newsletter list.