PMI Northeast Ohio Chapter

Military Outreach Program

The PMINEO Military Outreach Program is here to help veterans, active duty and retired military personnel, and their spouses in career project management. Military veterans have a unique set of experiences, training, leadership, and discipline that organizations need. Veterans who transition from active duty to civilian life are often overlooked as project managers and we want to help fill that void. Veterans can transition their military experience into project management experience, earn a certification and build a great career.


Military Outreach Program Goals

  • To engage with active-duty military, veterans, transitioning military personnel, and/or military spouses to the project management field.
  • To build a network of military veterans who are project managers or interested in the field.
  • To explain the benefits of a career in the Project Management field.
  • To provide guidance for translating military skills and experience to the project management field.
  • To provide information about the various Project Management Institute’s professional certifications.


  • Develop connections with other veterans who are project managers
  • Learn professional project management skills by attending chapter events
  • Gain leadership experience as a chapter volunteer
  • Build an outstanding career in project management



PMI professional certifications ensure that individuals are ready and prepared to meet the demands of employers in project management. Our Military outreach provides guidance through the various PMI certifications and application process.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more, please contact our Military Outreach Liaison here.