Industry Groups

A major development is underway for members of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of PMI! 

The project management industry is in the midst of a fundamental change – one that challenges the traditional definition of success (effective management of time, cost, and scope), and instead demands projects deliver on the creation of business value.  A cultural shift is required to meet the needs of the organizations in which we work.  How will project managers rise to the challenge? 


Specialized Industry Forums are part of PMINEOs response to help members better prepare to compete in the changing marketplace.  The purpose of the PMINEO Industry Forums is to: 

1.    Help participants keep up with developments in their industry AND the latest in project management tools that help them do their jobs better. 

2.    Increase PM speed, agility, and efficiency. 

3.    Facilitate the transition to, and incorporation of, value-based project management methods (PM 2.0 / 3.0). 

PMNIEO Industry Forums will be organized around the top industries in the Northeast Ohio region in order to reflect the composition of our membership and the region we serve.  Those industries, as identified in Crain’s Cleveland ‘Book of Lists’ for 2016, are: 

§  Banking and Financial Services

§  Energy / Utilities

§  Engineering Services, Infrastructure, and Construction

§  Healthcare and Hospitals

§  Information Technology

§  Insurance

§  Government (Local, State, and Federal)

§  Manufacturing / Product Development / Production

§  Social Media

Individuals will be able to participate in industry forums online and in person. 

Online Industry Forums 

PMINEO Online Industry Forums will operate as centers for ongoing, in-depth discussion of topics and issues.  Participation in the online Forums will be open to all PMINEO members (if you’re not a member, consider joining today!).  Chapter members will be able to ask and respond to questions, explain techniques and strategies, share helpful anecdotes, and offer their expertise. 

PMINEO is putting the finishing touches on the Online Industry Forums.  Keep an eye out for our Launch Announcement in the monthly chapter newsletter! 

In-person Industry Forums 

In the future, PMINEO will schedule and conduct in-person forums to provide project managers in the Northeast Ohio region with a look at the latest best practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes, and risk-mitigation approaches in use today by industry peers.  Industry Forums will meet monthly or quarterly depending on the needs of attending members.  PMINEO will also host annual Industry Summits – events consisting of roundtables, workshops, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities led by chapter practice leaders. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

PMINEO is developing the structure to support the in-person forums, and is currently looking for sponsors whose interests align closely with the Purpose summarized above.  If you are an organization in the Northeast Ohio region interested in learning more about the benefits of being a sponsor, please contact