Sponsor FAQs

Who or What is the Northeast Ohio Chapter of Project Management Institute?

Founded in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI) delivers value for more than 2.9 million professionals working in nearly every country in the world through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research.  Worldwide membership in PMI® is more than 450,000 professionals!   PMI has over 280 geographic chapters in more than 185 countries. As one of these charted PMI chapters, we serve as the premier professional association for Project Managers and for the project management profession in Northeast Ohio.  

Our chapter's mission is to 'Promote project management as a recognized discipline, to create an environment that fosters professional development and networking, and to guide the next generation of project managers.'

What is the purpose of the PMI Northeast Ohio Chapter Sponsorship Program?

The purpose of the PMI Northeast Ohio Chapter (PMINEO) Sponsorship Program is to create and maintain relationships with organizations that benefit from, support, and want to advance the discipline of Project Management.  By creating a foundation of mutually beneficial cooperation, PMINEO seeks to strengthen its presence within the project management industry as well as the knowledge base of its members within the Northeast Ohio region.

How Large is the Chapter Service Area?

Northeast Ohio PMI professionals come from virtually every major industry including aerospace, automotive, business management, construction, engineering, financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and telecommunications. Our chapter ranges from Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs, East to the Pennsylvania border, West to Sandusky, and South through Akron, Canton, and their surrounding suburbs.  With approximately 4 million people, a labor force of over 2 million and a regional gross domestic product of nearly $170 billion, PMINEO’s region ranks as the 15th largest CSA in the United States.

What Does It Mean to Be a PMI Northeast Ohio Chapter PARTNER or SPONSOR?

PMINEO recognizes those businesses and organizations that are serious about professional development and dedicated to the ethical practices of Project Management.  The PMINEO Sponsorship Program is organized to recognize the diverse needs of its Strategic Partners, Sponsors, Digital Advertisers, and the communities which we all serve.   

Sponsorship is the collaborative and collective effort of PMINEO and our Sponsoring Partners to give businesses, organizations and employees alike an edge in today’s fast-paced and innovative market economy.

Why does the Chapter Need Sponsors?

In general, less than 50% of the revenues needed to support PMINEO Chapter activities are obtained from Annual Membership Dues.  The remainder of the funds needed to support the Chapter’s activities are derived from Sponsorships.  So in addition to expanding the array of value-added services offered by the Chapter, Sponsors play a vital role in supporting our Chapter and the profession of Project Management in Northeast Ohio.

Who Benefits from Sponsorships?

The Northeast Ohio Chapter of Project Management Institute is organized under the laws of the State of Ohio as a 501 ( c ) 6 not-for-profit-trade association.  PMINEO is a volunteer-run organization.  Each of the Board Members, Officers, Directors and support teams that make up the PMINEO Leadership are volunteers and serve our project management community without financial compensation.  Those members of the Chapter’s Leadership who have earned one or more certifications from Project Management Institute are eligible for Professional Development Units (PDU’s) in fulfillment of the continuing education requirements to maintain their certification(s) from PMI.

Specifically, How Are the Sponsorship Funds Obtained Used?

Sponsorship funds go directly to improving the educational and career advancement of our growing membership and of the project management profession. We are also an outreach organization that provides pro bono project management support services to Universities and other non-profit organizations in the area. Your sponsorship will help us maintain and expand these services.  Finally, in a larger sense, all funds used by PMINEO are expended in support of every organization located within the Northeast Ohio region.  We believe that the value contributed to our region far outweighs the costs of participation in Chapter events and activities.

Who Decides How Funds are Spent?

One hundred percent of the funds obtained by the Chapter are allocated and expended per a budget developed under the leadership of the Chapter’s Operations Board and approved by the elected PMINEO Governance Board.  Budget implementation

is overseen on an ongoing basis by the Operations Board and is adjusted monthly as appropriate and as reasonably needed.  Significant variations from the Chapter Budget are submitted for approval to the Governance Board before funds are used.  The Leadership believes in transparency.  Copies of the PMINEO Budget are generally available for viewing and comment by Members who submit a request to see the budget in writing.

What types of Organizations are Eligible to Become Sponsors?

PMINEO is proud to partner with multiple outstanding organizations to bring the highest quality programming and educational opportunities for our members.  These partnerships fall into several discrete categories:

    • Event Sponsors.  PMINEO Event Sponsors play a central role in PMINEO Chapter in that these organizations provide the resources that help to make the programming that our Chapter makes available to you and the other Members of our Chapter.  Through their financial and other contributions, PMINEO is able to keep our chapter membership fees low, making PMINEO membership an incredible value.

    • Registered Education Providers. (REP Partners) authorized by Project Management Institute (PMI) to offer training in project management and to issue professional development units (PDUs) to meet continuing education requirements.

    • Corporate Partners generally comprise private and public corporations that have a vested interest in strengthening project management within the Northeast Ohio region while further building their brand within PMINEO’s dynamic community of project management professionals.

    • University Partners interested in PMINEO Student Involvement programs, enhanced project management curriculum development and / or professional peer review support for original research.

And in 2017, we are adding two new sponsorship categories:

  • Digital Sponsors are organizations who can benefit from the extensive array of brand building opportunities with the Northeast Ohio project management community premium placement of advertising, articles using PMINEO website, newsletter and social media channels. 
  • Elite Industry Forum Sponsors are organizations interested in demonstrating support for Thought Leadership in project management by sponsoring a PMINEO Industry Forum.  Industry forums will comprise an exciting new collection of specialized learning, professional development and networking program designed to help members keep up with developments in their industry AND the latest in project management tools that help them do their jobs better; increase PM speed, agility and efficiency; and help to facilitate the transition to, and incorporation of, value-based PM 2.0 / 3.0 project management methods now being introduced by the Northeast Ohio Chapter of Project Management Institute.